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Do you have a vision of what you want your yard to look like? Sunn City Stone and Curbing can help you achieve that look with our new modern concrete landscape borders. We specialize in giving our customers their own unique look with custom colors and imprints. We have been serving our customers in Davis and Weber Counties going on 34 years, and that has given us the experience to know what you want and need.

Getting It Just Right

We have been told by customers that over the years most of the landscaping curbing has picked up a white concrete "flash look". Based on this feedback we now design our curbing to eliminate this problem.

Sunn City Stone and Curbing offers many unique styles to customize the curbing to fit our customers preferences. We have hundreds of colors to match your home exterior or landscape decor. Sunn City is very excited to present over 100 imprints exclusive to only Sunn City Stone and Curbing. Some of the new patterns of imprint include stone, river rock, southwest designs, frogs, fishermen, turtles, leaves, rose vines, textures, brick patterns, bears, moose and many many more.

The curbing is machine formed on site. Saves hours of lawn maintenance. Provide a durable permanent root barrier unsurpassed by other edgings and requires no disruption of existing landscape. Our machines are designed to be used in all existing grass applications or new landscape applications, with a wheel barrel being the largest and heaviest piece of equipment on your property. We can work right up to your new flowers or shrubbery without any damage.

Your Curbing Can Be Installed After The Sod or Seed Is In

With the hot summer months coming some customers feel they need to have the curbing in first. Please be aware that the curbing can be installed after the sod or seed is in. You will want to wait until you are able to mow the grass before the curbing can be installed, but it does work out better as we can line your curbing right up to the grass.

Customer Satisfaction

Sunn City Stone and Curbing is dedicated to their customer's satisfaction and our workmanship says it all. We would like to invite you to come and check out our design center with its many new colors and imprints on display of our very own, beautifully designed curb.

Curbing Styles

Slant Style
Curb Style
Mower Style

All curbing styles are 4 inches high
by 6 inches wide.

Other styles available upon request

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