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We offer our own exclusive fiber reinforced concrete mix with many proprietary additives. This will ensure long lasting value that holds up to Utah's most severe winter weather as well as our hot summer temperatures.  We specialize in colored and stamped curbing.  We mix our concrete on site to ensure total quality control.

The curbing is machine formed on site. Our machines are designed to be used in all existing grass applications or new landscape applications, with a wheel barrel being the largest and heaviest piece of equipment on your property. We can work right up to your new flowers or shrubbery without any damage.

How We Install Our Curbing

First, our experienced foreman will help you design the layout for your curbing. Then we can cut the sod out where there curbing will be installed, if needed at no extra cost. From there they will mix your cement from the road and wheel barrel all the mixes in by hand so they don't disrupt your grass or existing landscape, then feed the mix into our special machine, then put the finishing touches on it, such as antiquing or imprinted with a pattern, if so desired.

Payment is due upon completion of your job and can easily be paid for with check, cash or credit card.

Curbing Styles

Slant Style
Curb Style
Mower Style

All curbing styles are 4 inches high
by 6 inches wide.

Other styles available upon request

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